Dragon City MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Gold) For Android

Download Dragon City MOD APK

Are you fond of playing real-time strategy games? We bring you the dragon city mod apk is indisputably the most played game over the internet. This game is a real-time strategy game that enables you to create your very own dragon, and now you can feed them, train them, and prepare them for the battles ahead. It was first launched in the year 2013. In addition, this real-time strategy game is being downloaded by more than an 80+million people worldwide.

Game Intro:

Dragon city is a certified best real-time strategy game for beginners and professional players. In this game, you have the best features of playing the game. Furthermore, this dragon city mod apk unlimited everything game is the best option for you. In this game, all you have to do is build a city with your tiny cute dragon, and you have to feed the dragon, train your dragon until it becomes a fearless warrior for you to compete with other opponents. Training and feeding your dragon requires time, gold, gems, food, and resources. These resources are not free, and they won’t just come right straight to you. You need to wait, invest time, money, and resources into the game so that you become able to compete with others.

This apk allows you to gain access to an abundance of resources, such as food, gold, gems, buildings, and even the most potent and trained dragon that has the power to win battles.

Additional Information:

App Name Dragon City
Size 128 MB
Category Games
Genre Simulation
Release Date May 8, 2012
Downloads 8M+
Powered By Socialpoint
Last Updated  2 Days Ago

Features of Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Numerous features come with this mod apk, all you have to do is download and play the game until you become the most powerful. Here are a few of the features listed below for you to consider. 


After successful installation of this Dragon city hack apk download, you can find that you have access to the 100 dragons that you can choose for different scenarios and options. 


This dragon city mod apk hack game offers you complete food for your dragon so that you can easily feed your dragon and advance to the next levels quickly. 


Now you can play this dragon city mod apk offline as this feature allows you to have complete access to the game with or without the internet. 

Dragon City Hack Apk

In this game, you have access to unlimited gems. These gems are considered as the wealth in the game. So you need not worry about the wealth that you have to earn to advance during the game. This dragon city mod apk unlimited gem features that enable you to have full access to the gems and wealth during the gameplay.

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Open all of the dragons:

Now you can open all of the dragons that are in the game in an instant. As you don’t have to wait for the levels to be completed before you have access to these levels of dragons. 


This APK enables you to have complete access to unlimited gold for playing the game. 

Detail of the Game

This mod version, of the best game Dragon city, allows you to play the dragon city mod apk android version as well. This feature allows you to play the game on your android enabled devices, letting you have the accessibility to easily play the game on your cell phones and other android devices such as tablets. 


This dragon city hack android version of the game has got some of the best features when it comes to offering the gameplay. This game is easy to install, play, and understanding. 


Dragon city has got some of the best features when it comes to the screenplay and the graphics that are included in the game. The graphical user interface is perfect, giving you the ultimate gaming exposure and experience. 

How to Download Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything?

Now you have made up your mind for downloading and playing this game. So here are the few steps that will guide you through the complete process for downloading the game and getting ready to play.

  • First of all, you have to click the Download button. After clicking you will reach the download page.
  • Now you see a button that says Start Download. Click on that button, and your game will start downloading in an instant. 
  • After the completion of the downloading process. Now you have to go to the file manager of your device open it, and there you will see a file named Mod.apk. 
  • At first, you may experience popups asking your permission for installing the game file to your android device or any other device. Give permissions for a smooth transition. After some time a start downloading dialogue box appears in front of you.  
  • When the game is downloaded, all the files will automatically shut down. Now open the file from the front end of the device.  
  • Enjoy your Game!


Is dragon city a free game to play and download?

Yes, This is a 100% free game to play. So with this, you need not worry about this issue.

Is dragon city is a safe game to use?

Yes, This is a safe game to play and download simultaneously. Because in this APK, we do not require any email id or any message from your part. So this feature makes it a 100% safe mod apk game for you to play and download. 

What is the dragon city mod apk latest version?

Here in this apk, you will enjoy the latest version of the game as we keep on updating the latest features on a weekly basis.  

Can I play this game online with friends?

Yes, You can now play this game online as well with your friends and family members. You can even play this game on Facebook as well.

Why do I need to feed dragons?

At the start of the game, you will have a small cute, weak dragon that is yours as you have to feed him, train him, upgrade the levels of the dragon to compete with your opponents having different game levels. As your dragon grows stronger and your power increases, you will have to feed and train it until you achieve higher levels.

How can I make my dragon a legendary dragon?

All you have to do is follow the protocols set by the game. These protocols include the breeding process for your dragon as well as you can unlock the game by doing the shopping via your shop.  


So this is the end, and here is the conclusion part for you from us about the dragon city mod apk game is one of the most valuable, modest, eye-catching games. This game has got some of the best features when it comes to its 3D graphics, variety of levels, buildings, breeding of dragons, competing with competitors, and following the process to become the ultimate winner. This mod apk has a simple process for downloading, playing, and getting acquainted with the game features. This game was developed so that you can have fun with your family or friends and even play against online professional players. It’s no wonder the game is gaining millions of daily downloads. So download now and give it a try.


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