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About FL Studio Mobile APK

To launch a music album or create an attractive piece of music, one needs a complete musical instrument set. For this, they have to buy drums, guitar, flute, piano, ukulele, cello, harmonica, and thousands of other instruments depending upon the type of music they are making. This kind of situation is challenging for emerging talented people who can’t afford all that. But EDM (a broad range of percussive electronic music genres) made it a lot easier for music lovers. Numerous people who wanted to impart their thoughts in their music are already familiar with this app. Fl studio mobile apk is the most acknowledged app for semi-professional people. Fl studio mobile apk android is a mobile version of fl studio to operate on the android operating system.

Fl studio mobile apk

Additional Information:

App Name Fl Studio
Version 3.4.8
Size 220 MB
Category Apps
Genre Music & Audio
Release Date 21 June 2011
Downloads 5ook+
Powered By Image-Line
Last Updated 10 Days Ago

Download FL Studio Latest Version

Prior, it was only for pc. People who wanted to use it for their work were only accessible to personal computers. Now, fl studio has launched its latest version fruity loops apk or fl studio mobile apk gratis and is giving significant advantages for a new and up-to-date generation.

Fl studio mobile apk and obb are quite exceptional from all such applications in many ways. It is neither easy nor too hard to play. One can easily customize its music with hardly any effort.

People around the world can easily access this app through the google play store. There is a little cost to pay for this great application but, you can download it for free on this page. Stay tuned and get your fl studio mobile apk download!

Features Of FL Studio Mobile Apk Android

Fl studio cracked apk allows you to make a unique and distinctive piece of music. This app has a handful of such features that are not even unique but are exceptional. You can be a Dj anytime you want through this mobile fl studio mobile apk. Some of the features are as follows:

 Effects to enhance your mix: 

There are various useful effects in this app that are necessary to edit your sound. You can now customize your music with these brilliant effects

  • Auto pitch
  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Flanger
  • Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Reverb
  • Tuner
  • Distortion
  • Delays

These are some cool effects that are being given by this app. Aren’t these great? Go and download fl studio latest version right now!


In the latest version of fl studio apk some additional mixer options can bring a pleasing touch to your music. These are as follows:

  • Pan 
  • Solo
  • Volume
  • Per-track mute
  • Effect bus

Create beat drops, climbs, solos, and more by using the various features.

Piano roll editor

It is another fantastic feature of this app. You can use the piano roll editor to enter notes and chords. You can also use fl studio mobile apk to edit recorded performances.

Step sequencer

Fl studio mobile apk android also has a step sequencer for fast percussion programming. Now, no one can stop you from being a talented and skilled DJ. That’s a pretty good deal. Don’t waste your time and download fl studio full version free.

MIDI file import and export

This feature allows you to import and export MIDI files. They can be either single-track or multi-track. You will be helped a lot in music production.

download fl studio latest version

Fl Studio Cracked APK

Intuitive screen layout

Fl studio apk has this unique feature of intuitive screen layout, configurable to work with all screen resolution and sizes. Yes! That’s right. Now you can adjust the resolution and size of your screen according to your need.

 Save your songs

When you are done with your recording after using all the innovative features of this app, you can easily save, load your songs and create your music library. You can also export your songs to MP3, WAV and FLAC.

 Load your projects

You can now load your projects in FL STUDIO plugin version of this app. 

 WIFI sharing

After completing your project, you can share it with others as it is highly compatible with other devices. This feature is impressive as you can show your inner self and thoughts to the world. You can transfer it via an internet connection to android, windows, and even ios users.

  User friendly

These features are accessible to every person seeking guidance in the music industry. This app is user friendly, and all DJs who are either new or seasoned are welcome to test their skills with FL studio apk android.

 How To Download FL Studio Mobile Apk

How to get fl studio free? The answer is straightforward. You have to follow the following instruction carefully:

  • The first thing you have to do is download the app by clicking the link above.
  • If there is any other version of this app present on your phone, uninstall it.
  • Now, you have to click on fl studio apk installer that you have downloaded and extracted. If you have already downloaded an apk file, it’ll be a piece of cake, but if you haven’t, your phone will be showing you a warning.
  • Go to the settings and turn on the “Allow from this source” option but if there is no threat, then skip the process.
  • Open the fl studio installer and grant “Read and write SD card permission.”
  • Click on the install button and the “Allow from this source” option.
  • It is a bit tricky, but it’ll be worth it. Touch on the install button again. This time it’ll copy files and ask your permission to install FL studio mobile.
  • And finally, click on the install button and complete the installation process.


You might get confused after reading the article. I am answering some of the common questions that may arise in your head. These are as follows:

If FL studio mobile apk free is free?

Yes, it is free if you download it on our page according to the instructions given above.

 Is it safe to download fl studio mobile apk?

The answer is yes. It is free and safe to download on your phone as our page is 100% real. No junk and ads added to the hustle. 

 Does this app work on iPhone/iPad?

No, it is only available to android devices. It is not accessible to iPhone or iPad.


 We are continually evolving for thousands and millions of years, and so is our music. It is growing day by day as per emerging brand-new talent. Everyone is more artistic these days and are struggling in this field. But fl studio mobile apk will make it easier for you to shine bright in the music world. Fl studio apk has become one of the most popular newcomers’ applications. Earlier it was only accessible to pc, but now you can use it anywhere on your android phone. How can you use this app? This task is easy. There are enormous effects and instruments in this app. It has musical instruments recorded, but electronic devices are also present, making this app exceptional. Music lovers will love this app.

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