Kick The Buddy MOD APK 2021 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Are you facing a stressful office environment? Do you think that sometimes you are going to through something on a certain someone while working in the office hours? Here is the ultimate solution for this type of situation when you are facing stress and anger right at the same time. Kick the Buddy MOD APK 2021 is a role-playing game in which you have to kick, fire, shot, smash, and even explode at the bully so that it allows you to take all the stress out of you. 

Game Intro:

This Kick The Buddy MOD APK is the perfect stress-free and anger-free role-playing game for you to ease and soothe your mood after a hectic and rough day at work. During office hours there are times when you feel that you might end up throwing something on certain someone. Now you can shoot, destroy, smash, freeze, explode during the gameplay just to defeat the bully which is a character that comes at the end of every stage as the final dragon to be eliminated for you to advance to the next level of the game. 

Additional Information:

App Name Kick The Buddy
Version 1.0.6
Size 99 MB
Category Game
Genre Action
Downloads 100M+
Powered By Playgendary

Features Of Kick The Buddy Hack Version

After the game introduction let us move to the next phase of our article that is the main features of the game. These features come with the game and allow you to have the perfect gameplay experience.  

Action Mode:

During the action mode of the game now you can kick, freeze, explode, fire, shoot, destroy, and smash at your enemies. In addition, you have other features in kick the buddy forever android that includes using certain and special weaponry for eliminating your enemies. At the end of every stage, there is a bully that comes in front of you so that you can eliminate this bully to advance into the next stage of the game. In this game, there are lots of weapons you can use to kick the buddy.

Fun Mode:

The fun mode of the game allows you to have the perfect gaming experience. During the gameplay now you can play it with your friends and family. When it comes to having fun during playing the game. This game won’t disappoint you in any terms. With our friend as your teammate now you can eliminate your enemy in the double team action. 

User experience:

The graphics of the game consists of the perfect balance between the concepts of physics and easy-to-operate game features. This feature allows you to break things in an instant. This kick the buddy hack ios features allow the android and mac operating devices to seamlessly operate the game with the most salient features. 

kick the buddy mod apk all unlocked

Kick the Buddy Mod Apk All Unlocked

Learning skills:

During the gameplay, the user needs to learn some specific skills that allow her to play the game. These skills include targeting the enemy and pitching your shots at the right time and right spot so that you can perfectly hit the target. 

Stress reduction:

The game allows you to have the perfect solution for your stress, and anger-related problems. It will simply reduce your stress level and calms you down. You won’t get bored with this game. 

In addition,  there are a lot of features and options available for the gamers during the gameplay that let them enjoy the game and enable them to reduce their stress by kicking, pushing, shaking, and exploding the enemies. 

Furthermore, if you have the volcano of anger that instills in you during office hours, it is a perfect game that allows you to relive your anger onto the bully instead of your office colleagues or the things that are placed near to you. 


The gameplay of this kick the buddy hack apk download has a simple and basic theme and CGI for the gameplay. During the gameplay, this MOD APK provides you with the ultimate solution for Money, coins, gold, GOD Mode features, and so many others to generate your interest in the game.  

Furthermore, the game ensures that you have a perfect stress-free and anger-free environment that gives you all the soothing effects of the game being reflected in your mood. 

How To Install kick the Buddy Mod Apk

The how to install section of the kick the buddy mod apk all unlocked game lets you seamlessly install the game. This feature enables you to download the game and after further installation of the game.  

  • Click on the download button for starting the process that will Download Kick the buddy mod apk. 
  • After the first step, you will arrive at the landing page that will ask you in terms of Yes or No for starting the installation process of this MOD APK.
  • After the complete downloading process, you will be directed to the installation page. 
  • Now push the install button from completing the process for installation. 
  • The last step for downloading the game would be to
  • Enjoy the Gameplay!


Is Kick the Buddy MOD APK is a free game?

Yes, kick the buddy mod apk download is a 100% free game.  

Do I have the latest version of Kick the Buddy MOD APK ios? 

Yes, this kick the buddy hack version is the most latest version of the game. Further, the features of the game support ios operating systems as well. 

Will I be able to enjoy the game?

Yes, you will surely enjoy the game for its features. the game stands for its reputation as it brings your stress level and anger levels down to the minimum levels. And let you relieve the pressure that is inside of you becoming a volcano of emotions and anger. 

What do I get during the gameplay?

You will enjoy the enormous features of the game few of these features are elaborated for you. 

  1. Unlimited weapons
  2. Serious damage
  3. GOD Mode
  4. Infinite coins 

Is this game Kick the Buddy MOD APK can be played with family and friends?

Yes, you can even play the game with friends and family.  

Is it safe to play this game?

Yes, it is a 100% safe game to play. 


Kick The Buddy MOD APK is the ultimate solution for providing you with a great way of stress-relieving. By using this MOD APK you can now get rid of your all stress and anger. In addition, now you don’t have to break the things around you, or even yell at your subordinates just to relieve you from the stress and the anguish you are holding inside of you. With this Kick the Buddy MOD APK, you have to GOD Mode power in you for breaking, smashing, freezing things or you can even blast yourself no one is there to stop you. Furthermore, you have access to unlimited coins, money, gold, and the ability to kill your enemy with your own style. So with all these above-mentioned features, no one is stopping you from getting the things done just to release your anger and stress and make yourself comfortable and at ease. Personally, this is the best game played by almost everyone on the internet.


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