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Play Lineage 2 Revolution Mod Apk once if you enjoy MMOs; otherwise, you’ll regret it. This game is always a fight between justice and injustice. Would you be able to describe the bloody battles that take place in the dangerous and challenging environment of the game? It is peaceful in the world under the Elmoreden Empire, ruled by Baium. His pursuit of immortality caused the gods to become angry with him. After Elmoreden collapsed, new coalition forces rose to oppose the Edenites.

A solution to the chaos was found when Hardin sealed Beleth’s power. His silverlight group was able to defeat Beleth’s legions because he formed an association of mercenaries. Two traitors, however, continued to be obsessive over Beleth’s power, causing more chaos and war among the ranks. The leader of Silverlight, Vadir, has recruited thousands of warriors worldwide in order to make the ultimate sacrifice. It is the colouration of Belethian. Are you ready for the final battle of the new world?

What is Lineage 2 Revolution Mod APK all about?

Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, or Dwarves can choose to participate. Each power rating type will have six strength classes: HP, MP, Atk, Def, Eva, and Crit. You can join the battle between light and shadow when you choose your favorite character, change their look, and select their weapon.

Start at level 1 on a small island. Gold coins are rewarded when you complete each mission. Most levels require you to kill monsters of the appropriate level, save someone, or find some material.

You can gain significant experience by defeating the monster, as well as boost your stats by wearing complete Armor, shoes, weapons, etc. This will empower you in combat and increase your endurance. When you advance, you unlock more powerful skills. A map at the upper right of the screen should help you to navigate.

While playing the game, you will experience the most beautiful sights on earth.e able to complete the plot and become stronger, as well as meet new friends and compete with other players around the globe. Make justice your most powerful but most courageous weapon. Your adventure will take you to the most beautiful places on earth.

Lineage 2 Revolution Mod APK 2021

The graphic shows:

Beautiful 3D graphics are included in the game. Players will be surprised at how many weapons and armors the characters have. Real-life battles are reimagined for characters to enrich their experiences. There is an action element to Lineage 2: Revolution.

Last but not least, if you are a fan of MMORPGs, you should definitely download this game. You will undoubtedly be captivated by the graphics and the adventurous content in this game.

The New Lineage 2 Revolution Mod APK:

  • The Rise of a Nation in Kamael:
  • “Kamael” is wrathful!
  • They are the only group like them!
  • Decide whether you’re a warrior, rogue, or mage!
  • The rest of the story is as follows. “Dual Class” now exists as follows:
  • Offline play for Modified
  • There is no limit to money
  • There are additional classes and races available to you
  • You can play without having to start over!
  • The third place finisher. The update comes with the following benefits:
  • Leveling up has its perks along with
  • There are three sets of Grade UR equipment!

How to Download Lineage 2 Revolution Mod APK?

  • Lineage 2: Revolution game files are available for download
  • Once the Apk Mod File has been installed
  • By downloading the new English version, you can update the app


A new mobile role-playing game, Lineage 2 Revolution features high-quality graphics, an open-world layout, and intense PvP battles. A beautiful, fully-featured, persistent world MMORPG is now available for you to enjoy, all at your fingertips!

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