Lost Island Mod APK 2021 Download (Unlimited Money,Stars)

About Lost Island Mod Apk

Lost Island mod apk is a mobile adventure game published by Plarium Global. In the game, you’ll meet friends on a mysterious island. The main task for you is to clear all secrets of this Island and construct your own beach dream house. The content and context seem to be similar to puzzle simulation games at first glance. But you will realize that everything is not as easy if you try it out. Each person you meet on this Island has a secret to know, not to mention the mysteries are all strung together in a way that you cannot assume (I don’t want to spoil it all). It takes time for them to know.

Finally, there are mysterious creatures and spirits on the Island, besides you and the people around you. That is indeed the core of what I said at the beginning of the article “adventure.” You also have to rebuild your own house on the beach. It’s not just about collecting furniture, materials and designing everything to build your dream house on the sea. You must also work yourself, learn the entire past and every person’s thoughts and solve their problems. You have to keep eye on this Island, dialogue, and discover ways to overcome creatures’ mysterious challenges. Read the entire article thoroughly to know everything about the game.

Additional Information:

App Name Lost Island
Version 1.1.979
Size 161 MB
Category Games
Genre Casual
Release Date June 16, 2020
Downloads 3M+
Powered By Plarium Global Ltd
Last Updated 5 Days Ago

Download Lost Island Mod Apk Android

If you want to enjoy Lost Island blast mod apk on your android device, don’t worry. n You can easily play this game on your android device. If you are a fan of the puzzle game, you’ll love this game. Along with this, you will be challenging mini-games as well. Shouldn’t hesitate to visit Lost Island if you are a fan of adventure games, where you will meet Ellie, an archaeologist interested in exploration. Accompany her in searching the Island’s secret treasures, gold, valuable stones, and antiques.

You will also adore this game if you love building simulation games. Also can construct a house as you dreamt about. You will have to renew the area destroyed from a horrifying secret in the past. Besides the house, the surrounding buildings such as the beach, the garden, villa, and road to the neighbor’s house can also be designed. Instead of just building a small house, you will recreate the entire beach for the Island. All the three elements of the game are finally intertwined cleverly: the puzzle, adventure, and décor simulation. Players will use their gaming skills without seeing the compulsion to combine the three genres in one game. Stay tuned to get your Lost Island hack mod apk download quickly.

Lost Island Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest version of every game has a lot of benefits than the previous version. But this mod apk version will give you everything you need to complete your tasks gracefully. You will get unlimited money, coins, and stars in Lost Island mod apk unlimited everything. To buy certain things from the store, you’ll need coins you can earn by completing challenging tasks and mysteries. If you want to save your time, you should download the Lost Island mod apk unlimited money. In this way, you will get almost everything free of cost from the store.

Moreover, you will need stars for some in-app purchases. Use Lost Island mod apk unlimited stars and coins, and feel free to use all premium features and in-app purchases without any charge. This incredible game has every part you ever want in an adventure game. Even the graphics and music is excellent. Music in the broad area makes the Island’s tropical space airy and joyful music. The harmony and happiness of the characters will help you to get very comfortable with these brain-harming adventures. The game looks entertaining and dynamic in general. You can try Lost Island mod apk unlimited all and experience the unstoppable fun in the game.

Features Of Lost Island Mod Apk Unlimited Stars and Coins

Build and Design

You can build your own dream house, gardens, beaches, mansions, jungles, and more. Use unlimited stars and coins to buy whatever you want for your home.

Cool Adventures

You will experience some of the best adventures when wandering on Island. Uncover crazy mysteries about the people who lived here earlier.

Lost Island Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Meet New Friends

In this crazy game, you’ll make a lot of friends here. Partner up with Ellie, who is an incredible archeologist. She will assist you in solving mysteries.

Explore the Island 

While exploring the Island, you’ll hunt for treasure and find gold and historical artifacts. Hidden treasures have made this even more fun to play.

Unlimited Money and Coins

For your support, third parties have hacked this game and accessed you with unlimited coins and money. You will access unlimited money, stars, and coins free of cost here. Download survival Lost Island mod apk and get unlimited everything.

How To Download Lost Island Mod Apk Unlimited Money?

Follow these steps to download apk file.

  • Click the link below to download apk file.
  • Turn on “Unknown Sources” from the settings. You will no longer get alerts on your device.
  • Trace the downloaded apk file in the file manager and click on the install button.
  • Your game is successfully installed now.
  • Enjoy!


How can I get unlimited money and coins in this game?

After downloading this apk, you can conveniently get unlimited everything free of cost.

How to install Lost Island hacked version?

Get one of the best adventurous games without spending a penny by following the instructions given above.

Is Lost Island mod apk safe to download?

Indeed! Your device will never experience any virus or junk.


Lost Island is a mesh of three different games. These are puzzle, adventure and rebuild, and decor simulation games. In the game, the player goes to the Island, which is devastated by its early inhabitants. You have to make the area beautiful and heavenly. To achieve this, you have to play these mini-game-like puzzles to get coins and money. The coins earned will help you to construct buildings for the renovation of the beach. Gamers can also take into account the atmospheric past and unravel its secrets. Moreover, get unlimited coins and money with this mod apk version of the game. So, go and get your Lost Island mod apk download right now.

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