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In Merge Life mod apk, you will improve your youngster’s room as they grow up! Become fixated on unending inside plan projects, however, remember about the youngster’s necessities, as they’ll begin crying and getting rowdy. You will probably consolidate things to finish “orders” like a container of milk or a toy. Furthermore, as you complete requests you’ll get brilliant stars (for being a decent parent!) that you will use to overhaul the room and frill!

Once you’re finished with the bedroom, it’ll be time to make the toddler’s room! And then the tweens room, then the teen’s room, all the way up to their first apartment. Make sure the room’s interior design matches the age!

Merge Life Mod Apk 2021

Merge Life Mod Apk, There are millions of items to merge and unlock, exploration will lead to game-changing discoveries. As you level up through the game, the child has to choose a life path option – astronaut, athlete, or rockstar. Help them in this important decision-making process!

Decorate the Child’s Room: Decorate as they grow up!

Merge Items to Complete Item Orders: Merge items together to complete your tasks for a specific item.
Unlock New Items: As you level up through the game, you can unlock new mergeable items.

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