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Despite keeping safety and functionality intact, this mod for WhatsApp gives users a simple, minimalist, and free messaging service. The number of applications that offer more privacy features is continually growing as developers create new ones. Developers strive to deliver new applications each day that offer new features. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of OGWhatsapp pro apk for iOS, which is more impressive than the original app in terms of features.

Whatsapp has been modified to offer more advanced features. The app is popular around the world. However, it does not offer privacy. It is easy for your contacts to see your status, your last seen, and more. Therefore, many developers create modified versions of Whatsapp in order to overcome this problem. 

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OGWhatsapp Pro APk For Ios And Android

Android and iOS devices are both supported by Whatsapp for OG. Go to our website to get it for free. No malware is present in this application. It will not harm your device. It’s one oThis is a free messaging service that offers a lot more customization than the original.

In addition to dark themes and light themes, you can save other profiles directly to your smartphone with this app.

Features of OGWhatsapp Pro APk

Adding security:

The security of a system is essential to everyone. WhatsApp’s security isn’t up to par. However, the app’s security features have been enhanced. Choose between Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint security systems. Also, you can hide or show the pattern based on your preference. 

An anti-ban:

When using other mod versions of WhatsApp, you will risk a ban. In contrast, OG Whatapp is safe and protected. It won’t allow account detection with anti-ban features. So this function is These services are very useful for people who only have a single cell phone number. There’s no need to worry about your account, it’s safe. 

Here is the status download: 

According to the original version, users are unable to download the status of another user. Use a third-party application or take a screenshot to accomplish this.

Downloading favorite statuses is easy with this app. Moreover, you can also save user profile pictures directly to your smartphone. You won’t even need to notify them. 

These themes: 

Without downloading OG Whatsapp you’ll soon grow bored of the same Whatsapp theme. OG Whatsapp offers a huge selection of themes. No need to use the same one again and again. As well as changing the font, styles, or icons, it allows you to modify the look. 

A message that is anti-deleted: 

One of its most attractive features is that messages cannot be deleted. The number of downloads has increased to millions every day as a result of its features. DELETED messages are inaccessible in the original version. Use Revoke Deleted Messages to alleviate this issue. With this feature, deleted messages are automatically saved in the app, so they can be retrieved easily. The deleted messages aren’t permanently deleted in this feature. It is however possible to view deleted stories or statuses. Remember that these will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. 

OGWhatsapp Pro Apk

In addition to the above features, we should list the following:

  • Messages you’ve revoked from contacts and groups are readily visible. 
  • You can use the locked voice recording feature when you don’t want to touch any voice icon to send long voice messages.
  • Once a message is deleted, you will be notified.
  • Automating your responses will allow you to avoid busy periods. In addition, you can choose not to respond to groups or contacts when the auto-reply module is disabled.
  • Files up to 6MB may now be added to full-size photos. 
  • The clipboard can be used to copy any composing status.
  • OgWhatsApp’s DND setting will disconnect its Internet access.
  • Thanks to its built-in Message Scheduler feature, you can now schedule WhatsApp messages.
  • It is possible to forward messages to anybody without adding a forwarding tag.
  • Multi-language support.

Install OGWhatsapp pro Apk on your device

  1. For your phone, you need Safari. 
  2. On our website, simply use the browser to download the application. 
  3. Installing the application after downloading is not possible. A trust option must be enabled in the settings. 
  4. Your phone’s settings can be found in the Settings section. From the Home page, select General, then Manage Profiles. It is necessary to locate the profile and then follow the instructions on screen to trust it.
  5. Install the app on your iPhone and start using it.


What should I do to update OGWhatsapp?

It is not possible to get updates from the Google Play Store, as this is a modified version of the official messaging app. Updates are available at the following website. Download the updated APK file to install. You’ll then receive an automatic update for the app.


Finally, you can download the official version of WhatsApp for iOS. One of the best programs on the market, the program provides a Normally, you must visit another website to get it.ite to There are usually fake versions of modded WhatsApp applications, so download it if you want to get a real version. Before installing any of these apps, make sure they have been scanned. 

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