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Overview of SAWhatsApp Apk

SAWhatsApp Apk 2021 has become famous in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Morocco. There are a variety of Whatsapp versions available, as you are aware. WhatsApp enjoys popularity despite its flaws despite being a top communication app. Let’s now discuss how you can download the newest version of the app. An Arab developer developed SAWhatsApp, a modified version of WhatsApp. Along with numerous advanced features, he added many other features that weren’t present before. Google Play Store does not have this app’s apk file, but you can download it from different trusted websites.

The two versions of SAWhatsApp are both popular. In the first version, they call it the Golden version, and in the second, they call it the Pink version. The functionality is the same in both versions, and there are no differences between them. In either case, you can upgrade to a version with more advanced features if you wish.

Features of  SAWhatsApp Apk

Size of the tiny file:

Installing and downloading SAWhatsApp Apk takes up very little space compared to other customized versions.

Cached data can be deleted:

Apps that don’t clean their caches regularly have huge performance problems. Several options are provided that will enhance your user experience, such as clearing the media and theme caches. Clearing your chat history is also advisable.

Video/image settings:

The maximum video size that you can share with anyone is set in the share video settings. Files with a maximum size of 50 MB can be shared. It is not specified in the original version of the program.

A high-resolution image:

It is also possible to send pictures with their original height and width in the app.

Turn on DND mode:

Like other SAWhatsApp versions, SAWhatsApp also includes a DND mode. You can access the internet on this feature as well as stop the app’s notifications.

Call as a group:

Although this feature is available in the official app, there are limits on how many members a group can have. It allows you to hold a voice or video conference with 8 people using this app.

SAWhatsApp Apk

Download For SAWhatsApp Apk

  • Please click the download button to download the apk file
  • It is necessary to uninstall previous versions
  • Adding unknown resources to the allowed list
  • APK file must be clicked to install
  • Enter your name & use.

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Doesn’t WhatsApp cost anything?

This file can be downloaded for free.


The app is a top saWhatsApp Apk with all these features plus a whole host of new features that other apps haven’t been able to match

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