Sonic Dash Mod APK Download (Unlimited Diamonds, Money)

About Sonic Dash Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds

Games that use endless running are deemed entertaining and can be played at any time without an internet connection. Sonic Dash mod apk is a running game that features the well-known character Sonic and his companions to provide everyone with a sense of excitement and amusement. Furthermore, the game features vivid and engaging graphics, a vibrant environment, and constantly stimulates players to sprint across infinite roadways. Sonic Dash mega mod apk was created with a simple interface and appealing gameplay, allowing the player to control Sonic with just one finger. There are no specific enemies or stories in the game, but it always shows remarkable progress based on how far the player has walked.

In addition, familiar characters from the entire Sonic The Hedgehog will be playable characters in this game, giving gamers a more comprehensive range of gaming options. Special skills, thrilling activities, and many other outstanding features await players to explore and improve their performance. The game assures that each factor entertains players by presenting them with individual tasks and missions. The is hacked version to give players access to premium features.

Additional Information:

App Name Sonic Dash
Size 107 MB
Category Games
Genre Arcade
Release Date March 7, 2013
Downloads 12M+
Powered By SEGA
Last Updated  32 Hours Ago

Sonic Dash Mod APK Android and iOS

You can play on your iPhone or iPad by downloading Sonic Dash mod apk iOS. Sonic Dash’s design of the landscape, stages, and many other visual features for each track is fantastic. The player can move to different environments while running, thanks to specific random spawning paths. Obstacles, adversaries, objects, and various other variables on the road contribute to the uniqueness of each location. In other words, the variety of the environment will make the gameplay more vivid and provide the player with a variety of different feelings as the scene is constantly changed. The Sonic, The Hedgehog franchise bosses, will appear in Sonic Dash, each with their challenges and surroundings. However, due to the game’s unique gameplay, the fighting mechanism is unique and engaging, requiring players to have exceptional reflexes.

Furthermore, every boss has flaws that players may exploit, and from there, they can use everything they’ve gathered in the race to beat them. What’s more, each boss is designed to be defeated by any character in the game, ensuring that the game remains balanced and allowing players to use any character they like freely. The game is pretty exciting, and once you download the Sonic Dash mod apk, you’ll realize it. Read this article carefully to download the Sonic Dash mod apk new version.

Sonic Dash Mod APK Latest Version

While running, you’ll collect rings, and between stages, you’ll bank coins, which may be used to improve your power with various boosts such as head starts, ring magnets, and a super dash boost. If you die, a screen will appear asking you to purchase a premium ring to continue, and you can do so with just one red ring. So, if you run out of coins and want some additional to access those premium features, you may either double your coins or purchase a coin pack. But you had to buy all this in the original version of the game. Don’t worry; this Sonic Dash mod apk unlimited gems come with the best feature, which is unlimited resources. You will get unlimited gems, money, red stars, and diamonds free of cost.

These resources will help you to unlock all characters and premium features easily. You can use whatever you want, as many times as you want, without purchasing any coin packs. So, with all those endless resources, climb the leaderboards and show your pals how to play this fun Sonic Dash mod apk unlimited everything. The game features a novel challenge system where players find new components in the gameplay if they wish to test themselves at higher difficulty levels. Naturally, the rewards for completing those levels are substantial, providing players with more possibilities for character growth and gaming. Furthermore, players can gather unique clothes for each character, resulting in a diverse and amusing cast.

Features Of Sonic Dash Mod Apk Unlimited Red Stars and Money

Use Power-ups

Use the power-ups to go further and earn more points. There are numerous power-ups available, such as head start, magnet, and shield. Top stars allow you to travel considerable distances in a matter of seconds. Pick up the magnets that collect all of the rings from all of the lanes. The shield will shield you from danger and can help you survive collisions.

Score Boosters

Score enhancers can help you improve your score. There are five different types of boosters available. Before you run, you can choose any booster. When employing the Spring Bonus booster, you will receive a bonus when jumping from the springs, which will rise with each spring.

Amazing Characters

There are 17 characters in Sonic Dash mod apk unlimited red stars and money. You can play Knuckles, Amy, Charmy, Jet, Classic Sonic, Rouge, and many other characters. You can easily unlock these characters in this hacked game.

Unlimited Resources

The significant resources in Sonic Dash are rings, red star rings, and diamonds. Rings are a type of currency that can be spent to improve your characters and red stars to unlock them. Diamonds are required to construct a dwelling. You will get unlimited resources in this hacked version that will help you to play the game more efficiently and gracefully.

Incredible Graphics

Sonic’s wonderfully realistic universe comes to life on mobile devices and tablets with the aid of its amazing graphics. You will never see anything like it in any other endless running game.

How to Download Sonic Dash Mod APK All Characters Unlocked?

  • Before downloading the hacked version, you must uninstall the original version of the game.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings now. This activity will prevent any alerts from appearing on your device.
  • Download Sonic Dash from the link given below and then click on the install key to start the installation process. 
  • Sonic Dash is successfully installed now.
  • Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Sonic Dash on my smartphone?

Yes, indeed! You can easily install this mod apk on your Android device.

How to get all characters unlocked?

By downloading the mod apk version of the game from the link given above, you will access all characters. Also, you will get unlimited money, gems, diamonds, rings, and red star rings without investing a dime.

Is this game safe to download?

Don’t worry; this apk version is wholly protected and free of malware.


Sonic Dash mod apk is one of the most popular and intriguing running games of all time. Developers offer you the chance to become the world’s fastest hedgehog, run at breakneck speed, and collect all the coins along the way. It is a fun game with excellent graphics and easy-to-use controls. There will be many obstacles in your way that you must overcome. Get unlimited resources in this hacked version to sprint even faster, unlock various fantastic characters, and improve their abilities. You can play Sonic Dash mod apk offline as well. The game is admired by its users worldwide, and if you want to avail its unique features, you should get your Sonic Dash mod apk hack download right away.


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